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Gallery - An oasis of serenity


Yrre modular saunas with glass facade are designed and completed only by the top specialists of the field.



The unique glass units, for which no similar alternative offer was found, were created for us by a long-term, top-class glass and steel engineer. The construction of the wooden part was particularly complicated, so it was necessary to find a unique top specialist in the field of engineering who would be able to make a wooden structure with a liftable and closable roof structure, which would also be reopenable for later transport.



In case of Yrre sauna I consider the quality and compliance of the product to be very important. The transportable modular sauna has been designed for great sauna experience. Ventilation, water, high-quality materials, insulation, great views, light structure – I consider these qualities important. In addition, good design and compatibility with nature everywhere.